Hot Water System Repairs Brisbane

Are you running out of hot water or have no hot water at all?

Electric hot water systems at Bob Pearson Electrical are a same day priority.  With a large range of hot water parts on our service vehicles most repairs will be resolved in one prompt visit to your premises.

Contact our office on 3535 6111, and one of our pleasant staff members will prioritise your job efficiently.

If the problem occurs after hours, complete our Contact form and we’ll call you on the next business day to book in your service.  Alternatively After Hours Service is available however penalty rates do apply.



Handy Hint:

Check that the circuit has not tripped in your switchboard as this will suggest a certain electrical fault being present.

If circuit is on check the valve on side of the tank and feel for warmth, if it is warm then heat is being produced and issue may be present with your tempering valve which requires a Plumber.

If no water can be seen leaking and system is not working then Electric repair is required.

If the water is hot but you are running out of water make sure the tank is topped up by lifting the fill valve on the side of your tank until water is coming out of the overflow pipe (does not apply to storage type systems).